Wednesday, 2 March 2016

IB Audio February Releases

AGENT Z - Action spy theme. Great for spy based productions or for action sports. Also great for using as a spoof backing music for spy scenes.

BAD BOY - Down tempo big beats and synths with a swing type feel.

EVERYTHING ELSE - Simple, big and powerful. A track to give a sense of power and strength.

THE SHAPE OF THINGS - Earthy acoustic vibe makes this track feel warm and friendly.

Our latest releases can be found here.

Many Thanks,
IB Audio Team

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Latest Releases for January

SUPER SOFT - Gentle swaying easy going song that covers you in a nice warm blanket mmm...

GLIMMER - Beats and piano, ideal for documentaries. The songs has a lovely spacious feel, but the sound leans probably more towards a darker subject matter.

CIRCUIT - Electronica track great for technology videos. The song has an upbeat feel with a beat that drives the song forward so could work for productions needing a sense of motion.

CATCHING RAYS - Relaxing, chilled summer track that feels like the sun is beating down and all is good. The piano melody lends a slightly jazzy note to the track.

Our latest releases can be found here.

Many Thanks,
IB Audio Team

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Latest Releases for December

CHILLED FUNK - Funky laid back groove with rhodes organ melody.

CITY SKYLINE - Chilled groove background music. A great chill out track that has a simple sound without any intrusive melody lines leaving plenty of room for a voice over.

GIVING - Uplifting track that was designed with the imagery of giving and philanthropy in mind.

PLAYGROUND - Silly and fun music track. Has an oompah style tuba backing with a lively piano melody.

Our latest releases can be found here.

Many Thanks,
IB Audio Team

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Novembers royalty free releases

DIRTY LOVE - Dirty rock track. A simple but effective guitar riff with full band sound. Great for sports or gaming productions.

REMEMBER WHEN - Jolly simple and fun track. The idea for this track was to be super basic, so there isn't an overriding melody in the first half, but there is a subtle little melody in the second half to lift the track. Ukulele and clapping keep the track happy and upbeat, perfect for voice overs.

IMAGINE LIFE - Subtle and dynamic track for documentaries. Features strings and piano and rhythmic elements. Would work great for time-lapse landscapes shots or aerial shots.

STREET ANGEL - Quirky hip hop style track. Has a really nice vibe to this track which is almost relaxing. Features a string staccato melody and chopped loops to give it a that quirky feel.

We've given you a set of loops for this track so you can build your own custom music lengths quickly.

SWOOSH FX PACK - Pack of swoosh and whoosh FX. Features simple whip style swooshes to longer more complex transition style sounds.

Our latest releases can be found here.

Many Thanks,
IB Audio Team

Sunday, 29 November 2015

1 Month Membership

We're very excited to be able to offer a 1month membership!!

As with our other unlimited deals you will get instant download access to download whatever songs you want from the IB Audio royalty free music library.

The only difference is that you don't get access to the renew discounts that the 6 & 12 month memberships give you. But it is a great way to test out our website and see if a longer membership would suit you.

This is by far our cheapest deal for stock music so we hope that a lot of video producers will take advantage.

Sign up for the 1 month unlimited downloads here.

Monday, 2 November 2015

October Royalty Free Music Releases

HALLOWEEN DREAM - Spooky underscore track. Will work great for horror, crime or just anywhere needing a serious undertone.

SHIFTING SANDS - Eastern influenced travel track. This track starts with a pulsing bass and strings, but builds with an acoustic breakbeat to give it a modern twist.

MOTION BLUR - Electronica music bed. Inspired by the many great tech how-to videos this track will work great for gadget and technology based videos.

MIDNIGHT 80's - Electronic dance with an 80s vibe. Upbeat electronica/pop track that features arpeggiated synth lines and subtle guitar lead.

Our latest releases can be found here.

Many Thanks,
IB Audio Team

Thursday, 1 October 2015

New Stock Music for September 2015

DRIP FEED - Smooth electronic dance track that has a sense of fashion and style. Would work great for tech, gadget and fashion productions. The short edits would work great as video openers.

KING FOR A DAY - Action sports with dub step edge. Features orchestral strings and piano to give a sense of style and class. Would suit sports or fashion productions.

SHARING DREAMS - A song that dreams big. This track builds with a huge drum sound and lead guitar. It's downtempo bpm gives this track a powerful sound. Great for motivational or inspiring images.

UNCHAINED - Dark and moody track with a sense of foreboding and menace. Was originally inspired by the Walking Dead series, but could easily be used in wider ranging productions.

Our latest releases can be found here.

Many Thanks,
IB Audio Team

Friday, 28 August 2015

New Music For August

Here's the latest IB Audio releases for August

BORNEO - Travel inspired track featuring bell like melody and hand drums. The track has dreamy strings in the background that gives a nice feeling of space and serenity.

FROM THE ASHES - Epic orchestral track that builds. Starts off with low staccato strings and builds with long strings and drums. Great for action movie backgrounds.

MOONLIGHT - Retro rock track with a slightly dark edge. This track is the brother of our other track called Cold Blood as it uses the same sound set.

SPARKLE - Wonderment and elegance. This track has an arpeggiated harp sound with strings and a subtle beat giving this track a really nice lush feel.

Our latest releases can be found here.

Many Thanks,
IB Audio Team

Friday, 24 July 2015

Royalty Free Tunes for July on IB Audio

PHYSICS - Electronic, tech sounding track. Great for gadgets and electronic products.

DISTANT LIGHTS - Indie uplifting track featuring a big drum sound. Has an almost ethereal heavenly sound that has a lifting effect. Great for landscapes and open spaces.

GREEN LIVING - Acoustic and whistle fun track. An upbeat happy go lucky track with a simple melodic structure.

OCEAN'S APART - Emotional piano set against soft evolving pad sounds. Great for any productions needing a gentle heartwarming music bed.

Includes 2 Layered Elements (Piano and Pad sound) which can be used on their own or you can mix the elements together how you like to suit your production.

Our latest releases can be found here.

Many Thanks,
IB Audio Team

Monday, 29 June 2015

Royalty Free Music For JUNE

A BETTER WORLD - Uplifting rock track that has an upbeat melodic feel. Great for productions needing a vibrant rock based music track. The end builds with orchestral strings giving it a feeling of grandeur.

FADE TO BLACK - Minimal electronic/chill out track that has a dark edge. Features a very minimal piano melody to emphasize the feeling of being lost or discovering a new secret.

KOOKY DOOK - Pop, happy, feel good. Need a track that will add a quirky fun edge to your production? this track has a very catchy simple sound.

SERENITY - Peaceful calming and meditative. Chilled out relaxing track with a very minimal backing, great for meditation voice overs.

Our latest releases can be found here.

Many Thanks,
IB Audio Team